Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This is why God invented credit cards.

So my flight to Dublin was cancelled because of the dumb volcano. I bought the way too expensive plane ticket to Madrid to spend some time with my friends, but I wish I had thought about a bus...oh well. Anyway we spent 2 days there in the pouring rain, which was slightly miserable. But we saw the Prado (luckily I got in for free before a bunch of people in my group were charged 4euro). I tried to call Aunt Tara´s neice who lives in Madrid but unfortunately she never picked up, boo. But I spent a fare amount of time freaking out, trying to figure stuff out, and decided to extend my vacation to Seville by myself. Hopefully my flight won´t be cancelled this Saturday, woof. I also cancelled my Scotland trip and won´t be going to London-Amsterdam-Bruges either because I have no moneyyyyyyyyyy. Anyone who wants to contribute funds to me is very welcome to do so.

Anyhow, on Monday I had an adventure getting my train ticket. I bought a ticket at 11:30, after waiting in line for 45 minutes, for a noon departure. But silly me, I didn´t bring my bags with me. So I RAN through the Metro, SPRINTED through the streets of Madrid and ran up 4 flights of stairs to grab my bag, ran back and missed the train, of course. SO I waited another hour in line to get a seat at a different time, paid another fee and waited. The train was nice though, and the country was beautiful. And, in true Teal fashion I got lost finding the hostel...the directions were VAGUE! But I made some friends, got groceries, made dinner and hung around the square last night listening to live bands where everyone was drinking litres of cheap cheap beer. Then we headed to a bar for 1euro cups and walked a good 40 minutes to the Feria, which was SO AMAZING! Ridiculously cool and crazy. Came home a few hours later than I meant to, woke up 3 hours later to shower and got ready for my bus tour!

Jenny recommended a tour through the Spanish countryside where an Australian guy takes you through some of the white towns, an olive oil mill, a winery and gives you a chance to just enjoy the scenery. It was so ridiculously beautiful--possibly moreso than Dingle¿?-and I even got burnt! My fair skin just doesn´t know how to handle the Spanish sun. But I climbed a castle, soaked up rays and ate a delicious frozen mango treat on a stick. Now I´m exhausted and must take a nap before more festivities tonight!


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