Sunday, January 3, 2010

Haha Copenhagen

So I'm paying for internet from the Copenhagen airport. My flight from Washington was delayed 2 hours and I missed my connecting flight to Dublin. My new flight leaves at 4:50 this evening (my time). Bummer! Anyway, I thought it was really funny when I opened my blog and saw everything in DANISH or whatever language it is that they speak here.

So I was overly dramatic and teary yesterday, but at least I knew I was being ridiculous. I was sad to say goodbye to Caleb and Mom and Dad but I'm sure I'll be just fine on my own (pretending he's beside meeeeee--name that musical). Anyway, I suppose I'll sleep a bit..the flight was really cramped and we hit some bad turbulence, which made my tummy feel awful. But after I called the Dublin Arcadia peeps and freaked out a bit, I washed my face and told myself to snap out of it. This is just another part of the adventure! See you in Ireland :)

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