Monday, January 25, 2010

This week I experienced my first cold shower.

During orientation, they warned us about the water sitch. I like to think of it as 30 minutes of hot water in a big tank and everyone gets 5 minutes to shower with hot water (5 girls live in my house) and then 5 minutes for washing dishes/hands/faces/whatever. The hot water gets filled before we wake up and then at some point in the evening. (I later learned about the hot water "booster") Well, I chose the wrong time to shower after a lovely run with my housemate Dayna, and paid the price for it. The water was FREEZING and I've never showered faster.

Anyway, last week was mostly uneventful, but I signed up for a WHOLE bunch of societies including choir, nothing specific society, the bacon society, trad music society, food and drink, international students, writing society, and some others. Woo! I start choir tomorrow and I'm SUPER excited. It's been far too long since I've sung! Wednesday night I went to the International Student Society's party thang at The Skeff, a really awesome bar that's decorated with beautiful paintings and has lots of cozy nooks. My 2 gal pals and I got some Guinnesses, free and amazing potato wedges and then skipped out to Fibber Magees where they had a delightful 2 cocktail for 5 euro deal. We chatted with some nice Irish boys and headed over to Karma, a really confusingly laid out night club. We didn't stay long, but we were again amazed at HOW MUCH the Irish girls primp. Seriously, there were 30 girls in the bathroom gabbing and putting on make up and doing their herrr. Craziness!

The next night Dayna and I stayed in and baked cookies and ate EVERY SINGLE ONE. I had been craving some comfort food and it was just perfect. Totally hit the spot. Friday's evening was spent at the Quays listening to an awesome cover band called Chameleon. We all loved them and sort of just fawned over them the entire time we were there. They all had shaggy moppy curls and sounded like every single band they were covering. AND it wasn't deafeningly loud, which is always a plus. I hate leaving a club feeling like my ears are closed up. Then we discovered Charcoal Grill, a cheap joint for good burgers and kebabs. Saturday we woke up early to go to the market AND IT WAS SO COOL! There was a huge stall set up with olives and anchovies and different things like that, a crepe stand, curry stand, etc etc. My favorite part, next to the cheesemonger, was the donut man. I cannot truly explain how amazing this fresh pastry was. I touched it with my fingers and it immediately melted in a little. When I took a small bite, I really heard angels singing. It was doughy but a little undercooked, covered in cinnamon sugar and a little bit of magic. My mouth is currently watering and a tear comes to mind when I think about that amazing circle of goodness. I will absolutely be back there, and when that time comes, I'm getting 6 of them. That night we headed to Taaffes to get bus tickets for Connemara but left because it was way packed. We spent some time in Tig Coili listening to Irish music--I love that place!

Sunday was spent taking a bus tour of Connemara, an area of western Ireland known for it's intriguing landscapes of beautiful fields, mountains, Ireland's only fjord and lots of rocky fields and thatched roof cottages. It started off a little foggy, so we had trouble seeing but it eventually cleared. We stopped at Kylemore Abbey and toured the Victorian walled gardens which were still beautiful despite not being in bloom, the Abbey itself and the Neo-Gothic church and mausoleum. It was a lovely trip and we made a bunch of different stops to take pics and stretch our legs. Wooo!

Also, this Irish air is doing something crazy to my hair. It gets randomly wavy, much too windblown, and poofy. Also, the fact that my bangs are growing out and are currently to my chin does not help. Oh well!


  1. band groupieeeeeee.

    It's okay. I know you don't realllly like boys with long hair. Remember how shaggy my hair used to be? ;)

    I'm so excited to experience one of these special donuts! They sound scrumptious.

    I think your hair looks beautiful. :)

  2. I'm ready for a new post, Teal. :) Update, please!