Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hold up now, ya'll

UMM SOO this week is Green Week at college (we don't call it 'school' because that would refer to secondary school aka high school, ew). So at college there are all of these stands from THE OPEN AIR MARKET INCLUDING THE DONUT MAN. Naturally when I learned this yesterday I freaked and asked my darling housemate Dayna to pick me up one because I didn't have time. She was wonderfully obliging and I enjoyed it last night while skyping with mom and dad. WELL the fair thing is still going on today and I enjoyed YET another piece of heaven. I may or may not turn into a donut. But I asked him his secret and he said a) he grounds the cinnamon fresh everyday..he just buys cinnamon sticks and works his magic, and b) he made a pact with the devil, and I don't even doubt it. How can something be so sinfully good yet touched by an angel? Then I got a single falafel (delish) just to try it because I'm going to get a falafel pita pocket on Saturday when I roam around and theennnn I got a farbulous German brautwurst with ketchup, mooostard and onions. It was perfect and for some reason reminded me a lot of home and I felt a little pang of homesickness. But it ain't no thang.

Ok off to be incredibly ambition and start researching stuff for my 3000 word castle paper due at the end of April..but I want to finish it by the end of February so I can finish all my other papers and then not have any work to do once classes end and I can devote my time to keepin it real. And apparently I'm really into run-on sentences Kbyeeee!

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