Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It has come to my attention...

Via my dad from my mom that my blog is mostly about food. SO I thought I'd update it. And only mention food a little bit.

So this past weekend, I DID NOT (but kinda) base my Saturday around the food at the market. I started with a lemon, vanilla sugar and butter crepe (wonderful), a donut (yes, I know) and then walked to find the B&B mom and mad want to stay at. I awkwardly knocked on the door right as the owner was walking up the street to go in, I chatted with them very briefly and they had no room at the inn. So I deiced it was waaaay too foggy to go to the beach as planned and instead headed to the Galway Museum, which was very lovely. And free. So I spent a good chunk of time in there learning about the history of Galway and checking out some really cool old fashioned fishing boats made from woven baskets and animal hide. Very cool. Afterwards I wandered into a claddagh ring shop where the owner talked my ear off for 20 minutes about politics and literature and goodness knows what else. I would've been more interested to talk to him if he hadn't insulted me by saying American has no history of our own and we just try to latch on to other people's histories. I said, "Excuse me sir, but America has a VERY RICH AND WONDERFUL HISTORY, BACK OFF" and graciously scaddaddled outta there as soon as I could. That's the second time I've been in that store and both times I have been insulted by the people working there. If you go to Galway, don't go to the jewelry place right by the Spanish Arch. Then I headed to another store, the original makers of the claddagh and tried one on. Yay! Now all I have to do is wait for a special someone to come and buy me it for my 21st birthday :) You know who you areeeeeeeeeeeee.

Then I ambled back to the market and got a fantastic falafel from the falafel man, who was very dreamy in a mountainy hippie sort of way. Next I went to the Cobblestone Cafe to get some tea...the owner of the Cobblestone Cafe is giving a free cooking class to NUIG students at college and I loooooove going every Thursday from 6-8 and then sampling every she makes. So far I've made the chocolate biscuit cake, home made brown bread, celery, apple and onion soup and the potato, veggie and onion frittata. Next up, mushroom risotto! Oops, no more food talk.

I walked into a really neat shop that I think mom will love filled with antique-y stuff, mirrors, etc etc, another awesome boutique which showcased this fantastic Orla Kiley (I have no idea who she is) bag that I've been seeing everywhere with stenciled colorful leaves on it. It's so expensive but I really want it and naturally won't get it. It's totally springy/summery and a great size and interesting shiny material. Then I went grocery shopping and came home, ate, and went out with some people but all the pubs were PACKED from the rugby matches going on so we sort of all went home.

SUNDAY was finally clear and I went to mass and walked to the beach. I LOVED ITTT. So pebbly and seaweedy but it was beautiful in its own special way. I saw tons of swans and I thought I saw a whale but I think it was just a log with seaweed on it, but I was really excited about it. Oh well. Then I came home, exhausted, and spent 3 hours reading short stories on my computer because I was too cheap to buy them. I fell asleep before the super bowl started but I'm not too concerned about missing it.

So my dilemma is this: I want to travel alllll around Europe while I'm here, but I want to give Ireland its due respect since I'm studying here and all. I want to really know and experience all this lovely green country has to offer. I have Paris and London lined up, which I'm super excited about, but I also think it'd be awesome to go to Prague, Edinburgh, Spain, maybe England again (I really want to go to Bath!) and really anywhere else. What do the very small handful of people who probably actually read this think? I have to consider how much all the traveling would cost, when I'd go and stuff like that. Thoughts????

I guess I didn't do a very good job of not talking about food. I went shopping last week!!!! I got electric blue pumps, a little mini skirt with studs and a faux chanel red quilted purse ALL FOR 10 EURO! So exciting!!

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