Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whoopsie daisies

Alright, it's a little shameful how long it's been since my last post. Not to make excuses (but let's be honest, I sort of am), but I've been absurdly busy. Interning, waiting tables, and having a church gig suck up all available time, and the few times I've had some down time, all I want to do is watch Castle or Criminal Minds. Or bribe my youngest niece into giving me kisses. On Sunday at our family dinner, Molly didn't finish her dinner. Her mommy and daddy told her that if she didn't finish her food, she wouldn't get dessert. Now, here it where I saw an opportunity. I know how it works..if I want her to give me a kiss or a hug, I have to bribe her, usually with food. Sometimes I fake cry, but cookies are better. I told her that if she gave me a kiss, I would give her a bite of my pumpkin cheesecake (it was huh-mazing). WELL, apparently she innocently told her mommy the next day. Whoopsies. Tattler!

Since my last post, I've been busy with internship duties. I have not yet had to retrieve coffee, so that's good. I was, however, published online...which is pretty darn cool. Check it out here. I did indeed go shopping for business clothes, as well. Turns out that getting a credit card to the store you frequent saves hundreds of dolla dolla bills. Seriously...I think I saved $400 by opening an Ann Taylor card. I could be a Geico or Progressive commercial, but for clothes..."Save hundreds on car insurance, save hundreds on new hipster fashions."

This past weekend, I relayed in the Baltimore marathon with my sister. I trained a bit for it and managed 9 1/2 minute miles. I was proud of myself, and I know I could've run even faster if I hadn't been surrounded by a slower pack...snails. My leg of the race included running through the zoo, and I battled an alligator, a penguin, a bunny, and a rooster. It was intense. Ten-miler race next? Well, definitely a turkey trot on T-gives morning. At least I won't have to wake up at 5am for that one. Psh, Baltimore.

I was also offered a part time position as a voice teacher at a prestigious (so I hear) boarding school in the area. I'm super excited to start teaching! I have a feeling I'm going to love it. I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I dare you to be courageous and do something you never thought you'd be able to do. It could be killing a spider. Or being honest with someone about something that's been on your mind forever. It could EVEN be ordering that extra large cookie...for just yourself. Just get out there and live. These tips may or may not be based on personal experiences...especially the spider part.

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