Wednesday, September 12, 2012


After my few very long days playing the ultimate Tourist (but non-fannypack-toting one), I decided to sleep in. I ate breakfast at the hostel, and soon after walked through Borough Market. As I've mentioned in other posts, I love love love markets, and thought I'd explore the francy one a mere few blocks from my hostel. It was fantastic! Mushrooms on display, still growing out of a tree trunk. Strange fruit and veg I had never even heard of. Stalls of beautiful cakes, still warm bread, fudge, candies, jams.

And CHEESE. I am a total cheese fanatic and naturally bought the £5 cheese plate for second breakfast-a delicious goat, a fabulously stinky and ripe Brie look alike (def not Brie) and a silky bleu. I found a table and contained my excitement as best as I could, but man was I excited. I don't pretend to know much about cheese or the proper terminology (hint Xmas present idea), but the extra stinky one seemed particularly acidic or...I don't know, dry. Like a tannic wine. Very interesting. The blue was unexpectedly mild, and The goat was just lovely.

 Later that evening after seeing Richard III at the Globe, some new hostel friends and I enjoyed a wine-soaked 4th meal on the Thames with more cheese and bread. So. Much. More. Cheese. The next day, I must admit after a breakfast of egg's Benedict, another cheese plate on a pub menu caught my eye, and obviously lunch was 3 beautiful hunks of English cheese. I don't think I left a crumb behind, and if I don't gain 15 lbs before I come home, it'll be a miracle. Perhaps it's the spike in dairy and warm Old Speckled Hen ale, but I seriously need some fruit and veg...and grapes and celery on the cheeseboard don't count.

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  1. Hey Teal! I'm jealous of all the wonderful cheeses you're sampling. Enjoy your trip!