Friday, September 14, 2012

Lost in translation

While I enjoy traveling and find myself to be excellent company, I can only have so many conversations with myself. So, I've been getting a little bit bored of my own company. Of course I talk to people and have met fellow lone wolves, but it's a transient business. And they don't always get my humor right my Californian friend whom I met in London.

We were talking about rent prices, and he mentioned he recently moved within the city. I casually, and with a very deadpan expression, replied,  "Oh, did you move to Alcatraz?" The poor dear looked so puzzled and had no idea how to react until I did an awkward Teal shrug and said, "dude...I was kidding." Gems. 

See? I knew he'd get it in the end.

Staircase seen in Harry Potter, holla.
 Then, last night in Oxford, a similar occurrence went down. I embarked on a ghost tour with an Oxford grad, and he started the tour with a description of the horrid conditions outside of the college walls where dead bodies were tossed, sewage floated, trash was thrown out, etc. I (brilliantly) inquired, "And their theses, too?" to which he replied, "Uh...yeah all kinds of rotten things." I figured he misunderstood me (feces/theses), and tried again. After he got it, he seemed very impressed by my "complex pun."  The rest of that evening was a dream come true. The guide, his boss, and I ended up getting a drink at a hidden away pub that only locals seem to know about. Logarithms, grammar, history, and politics were just a few topics we covered over pints. It was everything I wanted and nothing I didn't.

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