Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oh my little ones

I am lucky enough to be an auntie to six wonderful children, spanning in age from seven years to 10 days. They're the most beautiful and wonderful children, and I positively adore them...and the ridiculous things they say. I have video evidence of my two-year-old niece saying, a-la-Pearl, "I got to get my drink on!" My oldest niece, Riley, recently asked her mommy where the chicken's feet were on their rotisserie chicken. After learning that they were cut off, she subsequently asked if anyone ever eats them. Her twin brother, Luke, confidently responded, "Yeah, hillbillies." My sister had no idea where it came from and asked him if he knew what a hillbilly was. He said, "Someone missing a tooth." WHAT? Where do they learn these things? More importantly, give me more!

Anyway, I'm the cool aunt, the young, hip one who'll make silly faces and pay them extra attention when they want to show me their dance recitals or shiny soccer medals...for the 3rd time. We bake cookies, go on dates, and I spoil them with hugs and kisses. They're all so dear and charming, how can I not? I love them, and they love me and seem to really look out for me [read: my romantic life] in their own little kid ways.

A few months before graduation, Luke and Riley were driving in the car with their mommy (my oldest sister, Jenny). As they passed a sign for College Park, Riley asked Jenny if that's where I went to college. Jen said no, but that they'd be visiting me for graduation in three short months. Later, as Jen sped up to pass a big truck, Riley asked her why she was driving so fast. Jenny explained that she and daddy were in a very bad car accident when they were dating in college, and now she's nervous driving near big trucks. Riley knows that mommy and daddy got married after meeting in college, and she was quiet for a few minutes. Then she blurted out, "WOW, Teal graduates in 3 months? She's going to be a real adult soon! She doesn't have much time to get a boyfriend so she can get married after she graduates. And DON'T tell her I said that." Naturally, she told me.

They're so sweet to look out for me, but it seems to be a recurring theme/concern for them. Just the other day, Luke asked me if I was going to get married, and I said I certainly hope so, but I'm still pretty young. Then he asked who I was going to marry, and I just shook my head and said, "That's a good question Luke, I don't know!" Then they started to bring up guys whom I've introduced to the family, and even more innocent questions and comments spilled out: "Are you still friends? He was so nice." Oh, my little darlings, I PROMISE, some day I'll pick out an awesome uncle for you who'll be just as fun as I am and teach you magic tricks or play princess dress up.

In the mean time, who needs an M.F.A. or M.B.A. when I can just work on my M.R.S. degree?

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